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  • bruce@hallman.org
    May 2, 2004
      --- "Jason Stancil" wrote:
      > Tell me more about the sagging cabin top.

      I think that by its very nature wood
      expands and contracts with variations
      of humidity in the air. The camber of
      my roof has sagged down a bit, now
      that I look at it more carefully
      perhaps an inch. No real harm, the
      only 'problem' is that the trim piece
      that fits against the sliding hatch
      need to be recut. I would recommend
      that the detailing of the slides of
      your hatch have enough give. Luckily
      this is not a crisis for me at all.
      But it could have been one had I not
      been lucky.

      Ironically, had I not enlarged the
      roof hatch to be a longer slot
      this wouldn't have happened!
      Once again, I deviated from a PB&F
      plan and find out the unintended

      The roof beam was sawn to a curve.
      But the roof/ceiling elsewhere is
      a lamination of 1/4" plywood with
      3/4" stringers inside. That is
      what sags a little, probably in
      conjunction with the walls/windows
      sagging outward a little.

      > My photos are at: ofoto.com

      Looks good! It would float right
      now, how can you avoid the temptation!

      > Last i saw the only
      > thing lacking was the keel,

      I have mounted the keel and
      rudder but haven't put up photos.

      Presently I am working on remodeling
      the bed and repainting a used trailer
      to fit her.

      The only big thing left is the
      making of my polytarp sails plus several
      little things and then I can launch.
      Plus, a yuloh and/or a motor.

      I am in a delay pattern presently because
      I have season's tickets to the San
      Francisco Giants baseball club, and my
      spare time comes in short increments
      between games, work and the rest of
      my life!

      The Giants are on a road trip next
      weekend plus my kid is with her mother
      so I will get in some solid boat building
      time then.
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