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  • Jason Stancil
    May 2, 2004
      Jim -
      I'm glad i'm not the only one currently struggling through this
      micro thing.
      I'm on the same line of thought with you on the keel......not too
      worried about it, i just want to get it behind me.
      I'm looking forward to your pictures get 'em up will ya.
      Not sure about my building pace, now the weather is getting nice
      it's hard to stay in the garage and i feel bad running the table saw
      after 8 pm, my neibors may kill me before i'm done.
      I've decided to just finish out one compartment at a time. Stern
      well, bow well, stowage bins, then the interior.....i actually
      already started framing the bunks cause i wanted to stiffen the hull
      up before i flip her back over to glass the bottom. Been dragging my
      feet on that part as i'll need to let her sit untouched for a week
      before i can prime it and flip it back over.

      I'm hoping to do sea trials by the end of august but that will be
      without an electraical system or water tanks. I'm setting the boat
      up for a bit of micro cruising but just geting it on the water takes
      precedent over fitting out the cruising gear as i won't take an
      extended cruise until december. I'm a poor graduate student so
      funding may slow my progress significantly, only a little bit of tax
      refund left to plunder.

      When is your targeted launch date?

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