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  • findleyjh@earthlink.net
    May 2, 2004
      Hey Jason,

      The hull's mostly complete. A picture's worth a thousand words, so
      I'll get a couple in the photos section of my profile...soon I hope.
      I'm just a bit out in front of you, but I suspect not for long at the
      pace you've set.

      Mostly these days I seem to be doing more spring cleaning than
      building. Until the weather warms a bit, I'm going to get to the
      interior, the masts/spars, and the keel. I'm looking for some
      information on pouring the lead also. It doesn't look difficult, but
      I'm curious about hanging it. The plans don't call for 'through
      bolting', and I can't help but wonder about strength.

      By the way, your questions seem right on target to me.

      Do you have a launch date targeted?


      > Hey jim where are you in the process?
      > Glad i'm not the only one doing this. I feel like a jack ass asking
      > all these questions and fielding my ideas to these poor souls. But
      > they already made the mistakes and got the job done. I really value
      > the imput from these guys even if i totally disregard it and do
      > things anyhow.
      > Thanks Everyone,
      > Jason
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