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36266Re: too big micro

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  • Jason Stancil
    May 1, 2004
      I think you're on to something, maybe i'll finish at least most of
      the inside before moving on to the keel.

      Tell me more about the sagging cabin top. I saw in the pictures
      where you had three sticks laminated togather......those things
      sagged out? I'm tring to avoid steam bending if possible...what do
      you think if i just planed the arch in the tops of the beams and
      left the bottom square.....think that would hault sag?

      My photos are at:


      username is jasonstancil@...

      and the password is bolger......i think you asked, i've been posting
      so much i'm not sure what i'm replying to.

      So when you going to float that thing anyhow? Last i saw the only
      thing lacking was the keel, which you already poured the lead for.

      What about your sails and rigging? Did you make your own sails or
      contract it out? Let me know when you get the rigging figured
      out......too many ropes for my feeble mind.

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