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  • dbaldnz
    May 1, 2004
      There is a lot more time than you would think in the cabin top
      Jason, which is better spent under cover.
      I wonder if it is possible to somehow prefabricate the top while in
      the garage, then fix in place later outside?
      It also depends on the standard you wish to achieve. If you are
      happy to simply bolt/screw plastic windows in mastic on the outside,
      you can save a lot of time.
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Jason Stancil" <jasonstancil@h...>
      > I just measured my basement and stuck a scale to the navigator
      > plans. The pilothouse won't clear the center beam in my basement
      > even without the keel installed. So the new plan of attack
      > finishing out the two wells getting the decks on, building a
      > hanging the keel, stuffing the lead in it then dragging it outside
      > (hoping the cradle will stay together) for the framing of the
      > and the finish. I wrote that like i'd get it all done this week,
      > If you folks have methodology that worked well, do tell.
      > Jason
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