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36248Re: micro sheer clamp......how?

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  • Jason Stancil
    May 1, 2004
      Dry fit the shear clamps,and simply have a tight butt joint
      > where they change their sweep.

      Thats what i figured would have to do

      > For the rub rails;I hope that you traced out its' sweep on the
      > side panels,while it was laying flat on the floor, and that it was
      > done "perfectly" sweet and fair.

      Yeah that will be a challange. The port side has lines on inside so
      i'll have to make a little jig to scribe it to the ouside.....since
      i did a two for one cut i've got no lines on the starboard side. I
      was thinking of marking the points on the side from the the
      assembled expansion on the plans and hoping the the rub rail itself
      would form a fair curve......if it's not quite right i do both sides
      this way so they are symetrically goofy.......so much for saving
      time doing the two for one cut.

      > Now,working backwards,back out the screws only enough to
      > release the rubrail while your helper holds the now straightening
      > out end and keeps it from twisting and breaking.

      Huh? what does that mean?

      Are you going with a one piece rubrail or two piece as on the
      > plans(I think!)?

      Two pieces on the plans.....but being incapable of doing as i'm told
      (unless it involves putting big ass holes in my transoms) I'm
      thinking of doing mine like bruce hallman's navigator. Because, i'm
      manhandling it solo and i figure i can put the thin pieces in easier
      than that one big inner rail. Also i hate scarfing and the multiple
      pieces will self scarf due to it neiboring strip. I'll see how it

      > Hope this helps.

      yep thanks

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