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  • Peter Lenihan
    May 1, 2004
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Jason Stancil" <jasonstancil@h...>
      > Hey i got off my lazy bum and uploaded some pictures of building
      > micro navigator.
      > Go to:
      > ofoto.com
      > username is jasonstancil(@)hotmail.com...........please don't spam
      > me. The password is bolger.

      Thanks for the nice pictures. I couldn't help but to notice that
      for both your bow transom and transom,you have cut out,right through
      the plywood,the notches for the chine logs and shear clamps.Is this
      really how it is shown on the plans? I only ask since I did mine
      with notches in the backing frames of the two transoms but not
      through the plywood thus making for a nice even exterior surface and
      easy protection for the end grains of the chine logs and shear
      Nevertheless, I still can't believe I screwed up my transoms and
      never noticed......hopefully Nels,the new owner of LESTAT, hasn't
      noticed either :-). I can't find my Micro plans right now but could
      someone out there confirm for me what the plans say regarding the
      chine logs and shear clamps at the transoms?
      Keep up the good work Jason and here's to wishing you a
      successful launch this summer!!!


      Peter Lenihan,ex owner/builder of LESTAT and un-reformed lunatic who
      would never dream of actually drinking through the lofting
      process.Construction and finishing stages,no problem but NEVER while
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