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35516hazards when mixing fillers?

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  • Frank San Miguel
    Apr 1, 2004
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      All this talk of fillers has me thinking about the hazards of filler
      dust, especially fumed silica (sometimes called cabosil). When I dump
      it into the epoxy, I get small puffs in the air, some of which I
      inevitably breath in. I always wear a respirator when grinding our
      sanding, but often mix my fillers without a respirator (I still have
      good ventilation).

      So, a little aprehensively, I dug into my library and re-read the
      chapters about safety from "Devlin's Boatbuilding" and "The Gougeon
      Brothers on Boat Construction" There is a discussion about wood dust
      and why you should protect yourself when sanding fiberglass, but not
      much mention about fillers. Except, on page 58 of the Gougeon
      Brother's book, I found "...WEST SYSTEM fillers and additives present
      few health hazards. Use all of them in adequately ventilated areas,
      and, for comfort as much as for safey, avoid inhalation..."

      So "fumed silica" sounds to me suspiciously like "glass dust" and thus
      "baaaadddd for the lungs" I hope I am wrong - it is a relatively
      cheap filler and really awesome for creating very smooth spreading
      fillets and glue. Can anyone shed any light on the subject?


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