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  • Nels
    Apr 1, 2004
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Jason Stancil" <jasonstancil@h...>
      She said what limits the micro the
      > most for larger crossings is the hull speed is so low you expose
      > yourself more. If i was interested in a bigger trip i should
      > consider a LM navigator and said the conversion would be easy
      > to do and they could do the drawings but no one had asked.

      I, made that very enquiry last October and have the hand written fax
      response from Phil telling me they were too busy to consider a LM
      Navigator as well as a plywood Colonel Hasler plan. It seems they may
      be caught up a bit and might reconsider it?

      I am very skeptical that the alternator on the 5 hp Honda and a solar
      panel, will keep two 6 volt batteries charged - if they are the golf
      cart batteries which I believe they recommend. However that system
      would keep going for quite awhile with the small loads imposed by LED
      lighting. A good quality 110 battery charger would also be needed,
      for when one was in port.

      Are there any other upgrades to the MICRO and LM plans that were
      mentioned? Did you happen to mention the changes as recommended by
      Peter Lenihan and get their observations? I know Phil is very pleased
      with LESTAT which he confirmed again to me in his fax.

      A fully upgraded version of a LONG MICRO NAVIGATOR might be a
      worthwhile article for MAIB magazine. Maybe including a non
      kerphlumping rounded bow. (Is that the correct German term?)

      It would need a whole new name. Any suggestions? Anyone else
      interested? With a Yamaha T9.9 it would be a fully capable
      motorsailer of some merit I would suggest and probably at about 1/4
      the price and complexity of any other design.

      Cheers, Nels
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