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  • Justin Meddock
    Apr 1, 2004
      In Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding, he suggests as an alternative
      to canvas covered or epoxy/glass decks using glass cloth set in a
      water based lagging compound for steam pipes called Arabol.
      I have no idea what the finished product looks like,
      but I assume you get a canvas-like look and texture.
      Anyway, worth a look, and BBB is worth reading too...


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      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, TOMCBRADY@C... wrote:
      > > Hello John and Bob,
      > > I will look on WoodenBoat that suggestion makes a lot of
      > sense.
      > > The reason I was wondering about a painted canvas deck was
      > as an
      > > alternate, less toxic, less expensive but acceptable substitute for
      > epoxy and
      > > fiberglass.
      > Hi Tom,
      > I have a wood and canvas canoe and one of the reasons that canvas
      > worked was that lead fillers and paint where the traditional
      > preservativies for the cotton fabric. Regular paints won't work as
      > well. However a canoe is also not exposed to the sun as much as a
      > boat deck.
      > Not sure how long a canvas deck would last in the Florida sun and
      > climate. Then it takes special skills to install, much more than
      > glass cloth, and it is likely more expensive.
      > I would think painted MDO on the decks should work. How long do the
      > highway signs last in Florida?
      > Cheers, Nels
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