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35472Re: stupid little bubbles in my epoxy!

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  • proaconstrictor
    Mar 31, 2004
      > I painted on the gently mixed and bubble free epoxy on the
      > flawlessly constructed propulsion devices with a brush that sheds
      > like my dog.

      This is where it pays to noit use dispossible brushes. Or really to
      not dispose of brushes that you use. Get a coffee can, and trim the
      handle till it fits inside keep enough thinner in there to keep the
      brush soft. When you are done painting, wipe the excess epoxy off
      very quickly. Dip the brush in the solvent, and paint what remains
      onto something that will benefit from a little epoxy like your other
      wooden boats. Keep the brush sealed int he can, and you will get a
      year out of it with less cleaning time than is required to take a
      diposible out of the pack. Even the cheap chip brushes will stop
      sheading after the first time or to, and you won't have to pick up
      fibers thereafter.

      > So i franticly plucked hairs and continued my application.
      > I walked away quite satisfied with my superior craftsmenship and
      > returned five minutes later with a celebratory beverage.....AHHHHH!
      > It looked like somebody rubbed an alkaseltzer tablet all over my
      > yuloh.
      People generally understand that rising temps will cause bubbles, so
      they leap to the correct enough conclusion that falling temps will
      cure the problem. The best condition if you can manage it at all is
      stable totaly consistant temp. Sure falling is better than nothing,
      but stable is better still so i wouldn't go out of my way to super
      heat on part and then cool another and so forth. It will work, but
      it's more trouble. Direct sunlight can make your piece bubble, even
      if through a window.

      Building a Micro is a big enough job. I wouldn't set myself up to
      have to spray or pass flame over every single part just to get a good
      result. Just makes a toxic job all the more toxic.
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