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35451RE: [bolger] Re: stupid little bubbles in my epoxy!

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  • Paul Lefebvre
    Mar 30 6:32 AM
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      >I have heard that an electric
      >heat gun will work also, but mine was out on loan so I haven't
      >tried it.

      Yes, this is what I used on my last strip canoe to get a really clear
      layup - works like a charm. Heating the resin can also substantially reduce
      the working time; sometimes this is desired when things are very runny and
      you just want it to kick; sometimes it's downright necessary when you're
      working outdoors and the job has taken much longer than you thought it
      would, it's gotten dark and temps are dropping rapidly, you've still got
      half a vertical panel of glass to wet out and everything is running.... a
      very handy tool to have at that point! It requires careful attention to
      keep it moving and not scorch the epoxy or the wood, but it works quite well
      once you get a feel for it.

      Paul Lefebvre
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