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35444Re: stupid little bubbles in my epoxy!

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  • Albert John K III
    Mar 29, 2004
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      I know someone that used a spray bottle of standard off-the-shelf
      rubbing alcohol. That was the type of epoxy used on table
      tops/counters. Thicker than normal. Sprayed it on and the bottles for
      whatever reason would go away. I have never tried it but maybe a
      small science project would tell. I've used a heat gun. Problem I
      think was that it was too hot. Curing didn't seem right. Maybe a hair
      dryer with a lower heat would work.
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "soussouchew" <vachew@v...> wrote:
      > A little trick that I use for a smooth as glass clear epoxy finish:
      > When the bubbles appear, wave a propane torch (the coolest
      > part of the outer flame) rapidly back and forth over the surface
      > and watch the bubbles disappear. I have heard that an electric
      > heat gun will work also, but mine was out on loan so I haven't
      > tried it. Be sure there are no volatile liquids or fumes in the
      > Also, if the torch is attached directly to a small cylinder without
      > hose between, the flame will go out if you tip it horizontal. It
      > much better with a hose set-up.
      > Vince
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