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34877Re: scaling up a boat?......attn: lincoln ross

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  • Lincoln Ross
    Mar 5, 2004
      See below:

      >Jason Stancil wrote:
      >You're on to me i'm thinking about making a nymph micro cruiser. Can
      >you remember where you saw that bolger article or how i can get my
      >hands on it?
      Probably MAIB (Messing Around in Boats, and I'm sure a bit of web
      surfing will find the contact info), which I believe sells back issues.
      I bet if you snail mail MAIB they can tell you which issue. Or there may
      be indexes on line someplace.

      >More importantly do you remember why bolger rejected
      >the idea?
      I don't remember exactly. I seem to recall it might be ok but a boat
      designed for that size would be better.

      >I know i could just build a micro or old shoe, but i like
      >screwing around withthings a working with minimal amount of
      >directions....assuming i don't compromise safety or totally screw up
      >why the design originally worked in the first place.
      > snip
      >I like dory and pram hulls.....i've built a michalak boat and they
      >are well done but....for the most part i find them UGLY, but that's
      >me. What is the Japanese Beach Cruiser?
      Japanese Beach Cruiser is in Boats with an Open Mind. Quite pretty, and
      it's a pram. Maybe too many chines. I think about 12 feet long, as I
      recall. And I think Bolger has some other boats of that sort which might
      be worth looking into. Isn't there something called the Supermouse?
      (also a pram). One of the boats at bateau.com is a big pram, and not
      ugly, IMHO. It's not just you, a lot of Michalak boats are funny looking.

      > snip
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