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34873Re: [bolger] Re: "Lofting" side panels

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Mar 5, 2004
      Fundamentally, the way you determine the
      shape of flat plywood, which will
      curve correctly to fit the boat is to
      break down the surface shape into
      triangles. I think that Sam Rabl first
      described this. See also:

      Jim Mickalak's article at =>


      If you dust off your memory of high school
      trigonometry, you can also do it relatively
      quickly using a spreadsheet.

      In essence, you know the shape of each quadrahedron
      with four corners being:
      station 1 chine,
      station 1 sheerline,
      station 2 chine,
      station 2 shearline.

      Connect corners diagonally to break it into triangles.

      These triangles can then be 'unfolded' into a flat
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