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34873Re: [bolger] Re: "Lofting" side panels

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Mar 5, 2004
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      Fundamentally, the way you determine the
      shape of flat plywood, which will
      curve correctly to fit the boat is to
      break down the surface shape into
      triangles. I think that Sam Rabl first
      described this. See also:

      Jim Mickalak's article at =>


      If you dust off your memory of high school
      trigonometry, you can also do it relatively
      quickly using a spreadsheet.

      In essence, you know the shape of each quadrahedron
      with four corners being:
      station 1 chine,
      station 1 sheerline,
      station 2 chine,
      station 2 shearline.

      Connect corners diagonally to break it into triangles.

      These triangles can then be 'unfolded' into a flat
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