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34868Re: [bolger] Re: "Lofting" side panels

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  • Roger Derby
    Mar 4, 2004
      For that sort of boat, Greg Carlson's "Chine Hull Designer" works very well.
      It's free and it generates the panel's expanded shapes.

      It took me some thrashing around to figure out that there are no
      user-friendly error messages and that when the help files say six chines
      maximum, it means six chines maximum. (I was plotting out the lapstrakes
      for Chebacco and that wants seven "chines." I'm happy enough with the
      results I got by putting the hull in twice, once with a very broad sheer
      strake and once with a very broad garboard strake.)

      I decided that it wouldn't run on Win2K, but that was before I realized the
      six strake limit, so maybe it will. It works well on Win98SE which my other
      two computers use.

      It yields files which are ASCII text and can be input to other graphic
      programs or printed out and drawn by hand on the plywood. It allows you to
      specify the size of your plywood panels and shove the strakes around for
      efficient nesting. It also prints out pictures of the pieces.

      derbyrm at starband.net

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      From: <cha62759@...>

      > The Chappelle camp skiff is a hard chine sharpy stink boat. Think
      > "Redwing" which is derived from Mr Chappelle's design.
      > The next question is, what computer program? Is there a relatively
      > simple program which can take the lofted information and produce the
      > panel extension?
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