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34866Re: "Lofting" side panels

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  • cha62759@traverse.com
    Mar 4, 2004
      My reading of the discussion is that you do not "loft" side panels. I
      understand the spiling process but was hoping perhaps that the
      accumulated knowledge of this board could tell me how to draw and cut
      out one panel from information gained through lofting. I assume that
      Mr Bolger uses the computer to arrive at his panel extensions.

      The Chappelle camp skiff is a hard chine sharpy stink boat. Think
      "Redwing" which is derived from Mr Chappelle's design.

      The next question is, what computer program? Is there a relatively
      simple program which can take the lofted information and produce the
      panel extension?

      My last experience with this sort of problem led me to nailing a 4'x
      24" panel to the building molds and cutting to fit. This was a
      decidedly dicey proposition single handed.

      Bob Chamberland
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