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34860Re: scaling up a boat?......attn: lincoln ross

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  • smithriverranger
    Mar 4, 2004
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      > I've seen an article somewhere by Bolger where he considers (and
      > rejects) a little cruiser based on a scale up of the Nymph.

      You're on to me i'm thinking about making a nymph micro cruiser. Can
      you remember where you saw that bolger article or how i can get my
      hands on it? More importantly do you remember why bolger rejected
      the idea? I know i could just build a micro or old shoe, but i like
      screwing around withthings a working with minimal amount of
      directions....assuming i don't compromise safety or totally screw up
      why the design originally worked in the first place.

      > Structural calculations probably not simple, tho I suppose you
      could guesstimate. Panel expansions won't fit on plywood either, so
      you'll probably use a lot more wood and maybe have more scarphs to

      I'm in no hurry I just enjoy straining my brain on this kind of
      stuff.....notice i'm not attempting anything "large"

      Are you sure you don't like the larger plans that are already
      available? Windsprint, Featherwind (is that the name?), and the
      Japanese Beach cruiser come to mind, though I'm sure there are

      I like dory and pram hulls.....i've built a michalak boat and they
      are well done but....for the most part i find them UGLY, but that's
      me. What is the Japanese Beach Cruiser?

      > course, you'd probably be the only one around with an oversized

      Exactly!...just hope it'll float :)

      Thanks for any info on that article,
      Jason Stancil
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