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34853Re: scaling up a boat?

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  • Lincoln Ross
    Mar 4, 2004
      Keep in mind that the displacement would go up more than 100%! (Cube of
      1.3 is about 2.2)
      Structural calculations probably not simple, tho I suppose you could
      guesstimate. Panel expansions won't fit on plywood either, so you'll
      probably use a lot more wood and maybe have more scarphs to do. Are you
      sure you don't like the larger plans that are already available?
      Windsprint, Featherwind (is that the name?) , and the Japanese Beach
      cruiser come to mind, though I'm sure there are others. Bateau.com and
      Michalak have some pramlike boats in a larger size range, too. But of
      course, you'd probably be the only one around with an oversized Nymph.
      I've seen an article somewhere by Bolger where he considers (and
      rejects) a little cruiser based on a scale up of the Nymph.

      >Jason Stancil wrote:
      >Trying to get a grasp of how to exactly scale up a boat from
      >existing plans.
      >Say for a 30% enlargement would i just multiply everything by 1.3
      >including the 12 inches between station lines?
      >Been thinking of scaling up a nymph or a elegant punt if i don't
      >build an oldshoe. I know i would need to beef up the framing a bit
      >but that seems easy enough.
      >Bought a really neat little contractor's calculator that does math
      >in feet, inches, quarters, eights, sixteenths and
      >thirtyseconds....it just got me thinking.
      >Thanks, Jason Stancil
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