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34852Re: "Lofting" side panels

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  • Peter Lenihan
    Mar 4, 2004
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, cha62759@t... wrote:
      > I am building Howard Chappelle's 18' "Camp Skiff". I have lofted the
      > major lines and have the molds done and I am now struggling with the
      > transom. How does one loft the side panels? or does your note only
      > apply to previously expanded panels a la Bolger instant boats?
      > Bob Chamberland

      Hi Bob,
      I was refering only to the "expanded" panels that Bolger
      usually shows for his plywood hulls.
      I'm not familiar with "Camp Skiff" but if it is a Chappelle
      work,does he call for the sides to be out of plywood or just planks?
      The full lofting of side "panels" would involve,if I recall,laying
      out on the loft floor all the stations and base line.Then using the
      information provided in the table of off-sets,for each
      frame/station/mold,you plot out the height of the chine and shear for
      each.Once all your points are down,lay a fairing batten down and
      strike a fair line.The resulting shape should be your"expanded" panel
      Of course,if you have already lofted out the half breadths,then
      you do not need to go back to the table of off-sets.Instead just pick
      out the respective heights,for chine and shear,and transfer these to
      their respective station lines layed out previously.
      This will only work for flat,straight-sided,hulls.If the hull
      is round,then you have to figure out the"chain girth" at each
      station,divide this figure by the number of planks you intend on
      using to get the correct shape of each plank so that the finished
      boat does not have all its planks"frowning",ie;with the seams curving
      downward,opposite to the sweep of the shearline.......
      At any rate,I hope I have it right and haven't forgotten some
      critical bit of information.Hopefully,someone who knows better will
      jump in and correct my mistakes :-)


      Peter Lenihan
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