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34849Re: scaling up a boat?

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  • Peter Lenihan
    Mar 3, 2004
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "smithriverranger" <jasonstancil@h...>
      > I've read about how the volume increases significantly with a
      > increase in scale, but that's the point the current boat as drawn
      > too small. I'm talking about scaling up an 8' boat to 10'......no
      > elephant here.
      > Thanks for the input,
      > Jason Stancil

      Maybe,just maybe,since you are refering to a very basic shape and
      only wish to add two feet to her length,then you might be able to do
      just that without touching any of the other dimensions.
      This would,of course, require some extra waste in plywood and your
      willingness to"loft" the expanded side panels out to a length needed
      for a 10 foot version.Everything else,like the transom and frames
      would remain pretty much as is.
      Try it out,to the same scale as on the plans, with a model made
      out of some heavy construction paper(cardboard) and see if you like
      the looks ....adjust to taste :-)


      Peter Lenihan
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