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34423Re: Turning the keelboat

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  • rob4559
    Feb 10, 2004

      A summer expediton that covers much of the same route in canoes can
      be found in the book DISTANT FIRES. It is a good winter read and is
      probably available on the web as a used book. The first part of the
      book covers from Duluth, up Lake Superior, through the Boundry Waters
      and the second half goes through the part covered in the "Quest for
      the Bay".

      More on topic for this site, the author uses a canoe made of Kevlar
      and commentary that runs through the book showcases the benefits of
      this material for its lightweight and ability to absorb abuse.

      Bob P.

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "pvanderwaart" <pvanderw@o...> wrote:
      > > www.arkie.net/~eara/.
      > Since your website mentions York boats, perhaps it's not out of
      > to ask if anyone has gotten interest in the "Quest for the Bay", or
      > if they have any opinions about the project.
      > http://www.historytelevision.ca/Quest/about/default.asp#
      > They seemed to have set off with a minimum of experience with the
      > boat, and they had a serious leak problem at the outset.
      > Peter
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