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  • Nels
    Feb 4, 2004

      Have you checked out this baby, here in the files section? I find it
      has an uncanny similarity to my LWB full-sized Chevy van and could be
      towed with a regular flat bed trailer I would think.

      Seems it is the next step upwards over the CCS


      Design #632

      6.92M x 2.46M (22.7 feet x 8.07 feet)

      This boat was designed primarily For Australian rivers and lakes,
      capable of alongshore or even offshore passages in reasonable
      weather, in
      fact, she would have a better chance in heavy weather than most small
      cruisers if she was prudently handled, doors and windows secured,

      The specification called for queen sized double berth, a dinette
      to a second double berth, a comfortable helm seat and forward view
      for two or three other people, enclosed toilet room, workable galley,
      standing headroom throughout and a cruising speed of 20 mph with as
      wake and noise as possible, all inside the dimensions given for
      in trailer hauling. Her owner originally proposed her to be powered
      with a
      diesel waterjet, but when the cost of the power plant became clear,
      decided to settle for the 90 hp, four-stroke outboard motor which is
      a good deal lighter and less intrusive on the cabin. "
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