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3351[bolger] Re: re: Convertible Cabin-top

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  • KF4call@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2000
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      In a message dated 00-03-01 22:28:23 EST, you write:

      << - How about a telescoping cabin that would pop up? Normal looking
      deck, then, after dropped sail, pull up the cabin. That way can keep a
      low sail and have a tall cabin. >>

      One of the major manufacturers of porta-potties already makes one. It is an
      inflatable. Sort of a phone booth-like room with inflatable pillars on each
      corner and a porta-pottie sitting on the floor of the booth.. An outrageous
      price as I recall though.

      <<How about a hinged cabin that rotates up? The hinge at the forward
      edge of the cabin, triangular shaped sides to the cabin, and pops up
      when sails are dropped>>

      I thought of something similar...a set up like the sun screen on a
      traditional baby buggy, ...side frames about 3-4 feet long, with pivot points
      aft and the "top" of the frame made to fold down forward (side frames joined
      forward at a central point ) or to fold "up" aft to extend over the storage
      compartment of an Oldshoe (or similar small boat), which could have a
      portapottie placed in it.

      Regards, Warren
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