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3348[bolger] Re: Home made table saws

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  • david
    Mar 1, 2000
      David Ryan,
      Whatevah.... Maybe you should try to lighten up a little. The caution
      sign was turned on a long time ago, and nobody's arguing with you,

      David Ryan wrote:

      >My point was not that factory tools are just as dangerous as
      half-baked home-made jobbies.

      Rather, it was that the most experience users given all the
      advantages in safety and ergonomic design still manage to have their
      situation go from "just fine" to "completely unacceptable" in the
      blink of an eye.

      With regard to hokey home-made saw rigs, to quote from our name sake
      (when commenting on some only slighly more ill-advised modifications
      to, and uses of the LS Margaret Ellen,) "The worst case scenarios
      range from embarrassing to fatal."

      I'm quite willing to risk death (if the risk is very slight,) for a
      little glory. But I'm quite sure I'm not willing to risk the
      embarrassment of cutting off my own finger because I couldn't find
      $100 for an incredibly useful tool.

      Yes, you could do the same stupid thing with a Rockwell, but at least
      you wouldn't have spend the rest your life explaining why you were
      using a Rockwell....

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