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33401Re: double ender schooner

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  • Susan Davis
    Jan 3, 2004
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      > have long admired payson single hand schooner.is double
      > end schooner in photo files one of them?

      No, that's a different design, and one that I've never seen documented
      anywhere. I suppose PCB knows which design that one is, but it isn't
      #512, which is the Payson one.

      There are some construction photos of my Singlehand Schooner on the
      "Bolger3" group in the "His and Her Schooner" folder. I'll post some
      more if I get a chance to take some; I spent a good chunk of today
      trying to get the deck ready for installation -- I decided to add 1
      1/2" of styrofoam under the decks to give the boat full positive
      buoyancy and as extra insulation for spring and fall camping, and
      shaping and gluing took a while. It's a shame that this warm weather
      is going to go away tomorrow....

      Susan Davis <futabachan@...>
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