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3289[bolger] Re: Primers for latex Paints?

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  • Chris Crandall
    Feb 29, 2000
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      On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Stepehn F. Heil wrote:
      > Kilz 2 has been mentioned a number of times when people are saying
      > Kilz does not adhere well to epoxy. I have no experience with Kilz 2
      > but my recolection is that is a water-based primer.

      Yes, it is a water-based primer, but it also has a substantial amount of
      propylene glycol (sp?) in it--yep, antifreeze, which penetrates and helps
      inhibit rot.

      It dries very quickly.

      > Kilz (the original) is the only stuff I've used. This stuff really
      > smells bad and if yuo're not careful it can make you dizzy when using
      > it in closed spaces. I think the reason for this is because the
      > volatiles flash-off very quickly. This stuff dries very fast (less
      > than 30 minutes). I have used it on many outdoor and indoor project
      > (however not a boat) and I've never had any problems with it adhereing
      > to anything nor has any top coats failed to stick to it.

      Yes, this is all true. It works well, but gives me brain damage.

      > Can the folks who have had trouble with Kilz elaborate on whether it
      > was plain old Kilz or Kilz 2?

      Only one guy has mentioned any trouble with Kilz.
      The rest of us report good results, IIRC.

      Chris Crandall crandall@... (785) 864-4131
      Department of Psychology University of Kansas Lawrence, KS 66045
      I have data convincingly disconfirming the Duhem-Quine hypothesis.
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