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  • Bruce Hallman
    Dec 2, 2003

      You may or not know of the
      Bolger 'upgrade' to the AS39
      design from about one year back.

      As I recall,

      1) They revised the ballast,
      to be external steel plate.

      2) They revised the shape of
      the bow, including 'rounding'
      the lines, and widening the
      size of the tabernacle well
      with greatly improved the
      anchor handling through a clever
      'A-frame' winch thingy.

      3) They added a contoured
      bulb to the bottom at the bow
      to improve 'armor' against
      collisions while at the same
      time improving the splashing
      noise problem while anchored.

      4) Other changes I don't remember.

      You could learn more by asking them.
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