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3285[bolger] Re: Primers for latex Paints?

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  • Stepehn F. Heil
    Feb 29, 2000
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      There is more than one type of Kilz.

      Kilz 2 has been mentioned a number of times when people are saying Kilz
      does not adhere well to epoxy. I have no experience with Kilz 2 but my
      recolection is that is a water-based primer.

      Kilz (the original) is the only stuff I've used. This stuff really
      smells bad and if yuo're not careful it can make you dizzy when using
      it in closed spaces. I think the reason for this is because the
      volatiles flash-off very quickly. This stuff dries very fast (less than
      30 minutes). I have used it on many outdoor and indoor project (however
      not a boat) and I've never had any problems with it adhereing to
      anything nor has any top coats failed to stick to it.

      Can the folks who have had trouble with Kilz elaborate on whether it
      was plain old Kilz or Kilz 2?

      As for other exterior paint successes, I have had great luck with
      Finneren-Haley Stormplate 30 latex primer and exterior latex. This has
      hel-up wonderfully for me on various outdoor projects. Sadly, since
      I've moved to TX I can't find any Finneren-Haley stores.

      ----- Steve Heil

      chris crandall <crandal-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/bolger/?start=3283
      > On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Fritz Funk wrote:
      > > I've heard Kilz often recommended, but notice there are several
      > > different flavors of Kilz - anybody have good experiences to
      > > one or the other (or a different system) ?
      > I like Kilz, and have used it on half a dozen boats, with good
      > I use the latex/water-based version, and am quite happy. I've also
      > it on my concrete walls in the basement, and it works just fine.
      > Someone recently commented that Kilz won't stay on epoxy, and in my
      > experience, that is wrong. However, it will not stay on epoxy blush.
      > you'll have to clean the blush off before painting. But no paint
      > will stay on blush.
      > > I'm looking for a low-toxicity paint system (kids involved), and
      > > inexpensive (instant boat). Preferably quick-curing (it IS an
      > > boat after all) - I've heard it said that latex house paint should
      > > a week before immersion.
      > This is the case. I recommend that you paint on one weekend, and
      > on the next. Even kids can wait for this. Plan a party. Work the
      > to exhaustion the weekend before, so that they don't want to get out
      for a
      > few days.
      > > I must confess I've not yet tried latex exterior house paints on
      > > boats...have had good results from oil-based opaque house stains on
      > > instant boats though.
      > Oil-based paint works reasonably well. I used off-the-shelf oil-based
      > paint on my first boat, and I forget which primer. Sticks perfectly
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