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31593Re: [bolger] AS-29

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Oct 3 9:19 AM
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      --- Richard Spelling wrote:
      > Boat Baloney = $2 - $4 a pound.

      I can dream can't I? ...

      2,000 of lead equals only
      30 five gallon buckets of
      'free' wheel weights, melted
      with 'scrounged' firewood
      in 'salvaged' metal paint
      buckets. Cost $0.

      One sheet of 1/2 CDX plywood
      weighs 50 pounds and costs
      $22 = $0.44 per pound much
      less than $2 to $4 / pound.

      MDO is still less than $1/lb
      and results in much epoxy, cloth
      sandpaper and time saved.

      Heck, Raka epoxy costs less than
      $5 per pound.

      Money only starts adding up when
      you go out buying motors and the
      electronics...motors can be
      scrounged and electronics can be

      A poly tarp main sail on AS-29 might
      be a stretch, but one could re-cut a
      used sail found free by dumpster
      diving at the marina. The mizzen
      could be polytarp.
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