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  • earlgasner
    Oct 2, 2003
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Mi'ki <mike78612003@y...> wrote:
      > just located a possible proofing product, it is used to make eggs
      safe for long storage with out the use of refrigeration , you clean
      the fresh eggs and then coat with something called, water glass.
      and it is very cheap, it is supposed to penatrade the surface and
      permanently seal and its water proof, says it can go on any porus
      surface., has any one tried it, The label says it can keep cleaned
      eggs at room temperature for six months.


      1. a gelatine from the swim bladder of sturgeon.

      2. thin mica, used for windows as for a "Surrey with a fringe on the
      top that you can roll right down in case there is a change in the
      weather" and as for old kerosene heating stoves).

      3. Any of various water-soluble silicate glass compounds used as a
      preservative for eggs, in plaster and cement, and in various
      purification and refining processes. Also called soluble glass, water
      glass. (The 'glue' in corrugated paper boxes.)
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