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31559Re: [bolger] Freeboard

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Oct 1, 2003
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      Both the Micro, [& Micro Navigator, which
      I am building], and the AS-29 are designed
      with the openings *only* on the center line
      of the boat. With ballast, to make sure the
      centerline boat openings always point up.

      I am not sure how to measure freeboard with
      boats like this...If freeboard is measured
      as how far the water would need to rise to
      flood the boat, you would measure up from
      the waterline to the shearline [intersection
      of side and deck], and then add the distance
      across the deck to the centerline openings?

      The distance from waterline to shearline in a
      Micro is about 20 inches. With the AS-29 the
      distance is 3 ft 5 inches.

      I guess that a freeboard measurment makes more
      sense with an 'open boat' like a skiff etc..

      The Micro and the AS-29 are essentially floating
      boxes that would be very hard to flood. With the
      hatches in place, they wouldn't flood even in
      a breaking sea, I believe.

      --- eliallegra <mtndog@...> wrote:
      > Hi. I am wondering how much freeboard amidships do
      > the micro and the
      > as 29 have. Or What is the distance from the deck
      > level to the chine.
      > Phillip
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