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30769Re: sputtering 4 strokes/ water in gas ??

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  • vexatious2001
    Sep 4, 2003
      > Lots of mention of the use cheap 87 octane fuel causing carbon
      deposits that ruin aluminum engines, though....
      > Guess I should start buying premium... for the mower, too, me

      A lot of "premium" gas has alcohol, too.

      I would not worry too much about running "regular"
      unleaded gas, but might add a dab of carbon
      remover every so often. A small bottle of the
      stuff would last you several years.

      I would get a tube of water-finding paste (the brand
      I have is "Kolor Kut"). This is the stuff gasoline
      stations use to check their tanks for water; put
      a dab of the brown stuff on a stick and "stick"
      the tank and if it turns purple, you have water.

      I check my tanks maybe twice a season and occasionlly
      find a bit of water before it has a chance to accumulate
      to the point where the engine is affected.

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