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30764RE: [bolger] sputtering 4 strokes

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  • welshman@ptialaska.net
    Sep 4, 2003
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      I have mentioned this before on the group, always use an in place mounted
      fuel filter, perferably with a glass bowl where you can see what is coming

      A friend who sells and maintains outboards for a living in Nome told me
      that he figured 50% or better of all outboard problems he delt with were
      due to bad gas. Getting bad fuel is more likely in Western AK, but I would
      be prepared for it anywhere.


      My new Nissan 6hp four stroke has developed a stutter.

      I'm 90% sure it's water in the gas, as replacing the fuel and draining the
      carb cleared it up.

      However, it's developed it again.

      So, my thoughts:

      1) buy one of those good water/fuel separators, with the bowl and drain
      2) buy one of those water/fuel separators with the disposible canisters
      (how long would one of those last, btw?)
      3) go to an auto parts store, buy some "water remover", and mix it with the

      Thoughts? Comments?


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