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30755Re: [bolger] Re: sputtering 4 strokes

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Sep 4, 2003
      --- Richard Spelling wrote:
      > Theoreticaly. However, I bet you'd only do it once.

      Just curious, what does PCB say about this,
      on the plans, or do the plan notes mention rowing,
      or sculling? And/or what did he write about
      the motor? [not having ever seen Chebacco plans]

      BTW, how many sheets in a Chebacco set, and
      what do they cost?

      I bet in the third world, many boats bigger
      than this get sculled or rowed. If all you
      had to do was manuever to the dock, or whatever,

      How is Chebacco in light winds?
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