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  • Richard Spelling
    Sep 4, 2003
      Theoreticaly. However, I bet you'd only do it once.
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      --- Richard Spelling wrote:
      > I run about 3 gallons a year.... :)

      Is it possible to row,
      or scull, in a Chebacco?

      PCB wrote about the 'simplicity'
      of rowing in _Small Boats_ long
      ago, [pasted below]...


      Bolger: ON ROWING [excerpt, Ch 7, Small Boats 1973]

      Twenty years or so ago the National Geographic Society
      sponsored an expedition to investigate a meteor crater
      down back of beyond in Labrador. The crater lake was
      to be sounded, so they took along a canoe, and,
      naturally, an outboard motor to drive the canoe. How
      else? That motor was flown at fabulous expense to the
      vicinity, and packed miles across nightmarish boulder
      terrain and down the precipitous wall of the crater
      with hardship and hazard complained of in the official
      account of the expedition. After arriving at the
      water's edge, I suppose they spent a half hour hooking
      it up and pulling on the starting cord before they
      sputtered bravely out to the middle of the lake, which
      was all of a mile and a half in diameter, took their
      soundings, and proceeded to reverse the whole process
      till the motor arrived in good order back in Montreal.
      Being careful men, I expect that they also took some
      paddles along in case the motor broke down.

      Apart from illustrating that well-regarded scientists
      don't necessarily have any sense, this piece of lunacy
      is only an exaggerated example of a very common
      tendency. There are actually thousands of people using
      motors (and sails, for that matter) to do jobs that
      could be done quicker and easier, to say nothing of
      cheaper, with oars. Almost while I was writing this I
      saw a television ad for an electric outboard motor,
      guaranteed not to wake up your neighbors when you go
      fishing early in the morning; the thought is
      appreciated, but anybody could row the boat faster and
      farther, still in silence, than that motor could drive

      I'm a great admirer of modern outboard motors, I
      should say; I've owned several and used them a lot,
      but the way some people use them is like trying to do
      your shopping by airplane when the market is in
      walking distance, not because you like flying so much,
      but because you don't realize that it's possible to
      walk. Even disregarding cost, it's folly to insist on
      a motor for very short distances because the trouble
      of bringing the motor to the starting point is out of
      all proportion to any that it saves when ready. Motors
      enable a boat to make headway against swift streams or
      gale winds, or to cover a long distance quickly, or to
      keep very heavy loads moving reliably; they're not
      needed or efficient for short distances, light loads,
      and pleasant weather, and in particular they're not
      sensible when the thing sought is recreation for a
      given time, rather than arrival over a certain

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