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30752Re: sputtering 4 strokes

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  • jmbell1
    Sep 4, 2003
      I'd be careful with a fuel dryer you pour in you gas tank because
      they may contain alcohol. My Merc 4 stroke owners manual has some
      pretty stern language against putting any alcohol (ethanol
      specifically) through the motor.

      If you are getting water in your gas, it's usually pretty easy to see
      it blobbing around the bottom of the tank. Keeping the fuel vent shut
      when not actually using the motor will cut down on most of the water
      getting into your tank. It comes in as the tank breathes during
      temperature changes.

      I'd also change out the fuel filter before resorting to other extreme
      measures. There should be one under the motor shroud somewhere.

      Also, you motor was new wasn't it? This is a good time to exercise
      your rights under warranty.

      Good luck.
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