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30747Re: [bolger] sputtering 4 strokes

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  • Roger Derby
    Sep 4, 2003
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      After some twenty years of draining my Cessna's tanks to take out the water,
      I've about decided that "condensation" is an old wive's tale to cover up the
      bad storage tanks of the FBO (gasoline vendor). I tried to run the numbers,
      but they're very hard to get; e.g. the expansion coefficient of gasoline
      which is supposedly pumping in moist air as the temperature changes.
      Anyway, the only time I get significant water is when the bird's been parked
      out in the rain. As long as it's under cover, no water is found.

      I suspect the shape of the filler neck around the caps, but the point is
      that significant amounts don't come out of thin air. (pun)

      If there's a convenient place to mount one of the "gascolators" with the
      glass bowl, that would be my choice. It will leak or spill eventually, so
      that leakage must go overboard and not into the bilges.


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      From: "Richard Spelling" <richard@...>

      > I'm assuming condensation, though possibly it's going
      > in the vent hole on the cap. I did have a cover on that
      > at one time, will put that back on as well.
      > > I'm 90% sure it's water in the gas, as replacing the
      > > fuel and draining the carb cleared it up.
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