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30742Re: [bolger] Re: Sneakeasy "Katie" report

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  • Harry James
    Sep 3, 2003
      A recent boatbuilder magazine had an article on a experiment by a
      boatbuilding amateur. He found 1 layer of Xynole to be 6 times as
      abrasion resistant as 1 layer of 6 oz fiberglas. Because of the extra
      bulk of the xynole, it was only 2 times as resistant by thickness.


      Roger Derby wrote:

      >I wish I had more details to give. As far as the mix goes, one just plays
      >around on test pieces until it feels right. (I suspect that the carbide
      >powder is non-thixatropic so one would add that stuff (colloidal silica)
      >first and then stir in the carbide.
      >The Aussie had a local source which isn't worth much to us in the Northern
      >hemisphere. I searched for the stuff on the net and since I wanted a few
      >pounds, not several hopper cars full, didn't have any luck.
      >Following a suggestion in MAIB from several years ago, I did experiment with
      >lime (from the garden shop) as a filler. Not bullet-proof like the carbide
      >would be, but it did give a hard surface and it was cheap. I used it on a
      >bulkhead which formed part of the anchor storage bin and could be expected
      >to get a lot of abuse. As above, I used colloidal silica first and then
      >added the lime.
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