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30714Re: Tims module

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  • Bruce Hector
    Sep 1, 2003
      Why a TIMS module has a 101 useful uses,
      Amphibious Utility Trailler
      Mother-In-Law box, aka Car Top luggage Carrier
      Puppy Pen
      Planter Box
      Shipping Crate
      And those are just the right side up uses,

      Inverted uses include
      Dining Room Table
      Train Layout
      Pool Table support
      Ping Pong
      Boat Building table
      Spare bed with storage space below

      Maybe we'll have an award for the most imaginative use of a retired
      TIMS unit at next years Messabout.

      Of course, Peter is right, I'll be pleased to keep them inverted at
      Rust Check until next years event, when we'll break our record, Timmy
      will always be at the Kingston Messabouts.

      Bruce Hector
      Very carefully now: Why even the digitally dexterous damsel in the
      earlier post (I can't seem to remember the subject line) could
      probably find a use for one.
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