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29951Metal Teal Sprit

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  • Bruce Hallman
    Aug 4, 2003
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      > > I made the sprit out of 3/4" electrical conduit

      ===Chris Crandall <crandall@u...> wrote:

      > Ouch!! Wood is so much more forgiving than metal.

      I was skeptical also, but at $3.69 for ten
      feet of conduit, I figured I could try.

      After first use, it seems strong enough,
      and a metal file rounded off all the sharp
      edges easily.

      If you wanted stronger you could splurge
      on 1" diameter, $5.59 for ten feet.

      I flattened the ends with a hammer,
      before drilling holes and cutting
      the slot with my *new* Bosch jigsaw :)
      The conduit is light in weight and it
      even floats.