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29922Re: Good motored designs for NW/Puget Sound waters?

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  • rsmboatbuilder
    Aug 3, 2003
      I actually have the same goal and I have a small family that will
      continue to stay small. There are three of us - Two adults and one
      young child. I have spent countless hours pouring over Bolger
      designs and those of www.CMDboats.com, and The troller designs of
      George Behuler. And there are many arguments for each point of
      view. I have spoken with Karl and Phil about boats for this region
      and have rolled over sail vs. power for countless sleepless nights.
      So I don't know if I will enlighten or just make the world more
      Key design considerations I have -
      1. An Ocean boat not a lake boat - This means some hull form for
      handling Deception pass and making your way to Pt Roberts
      2. Cozy interior not huge and spacious - Interior is for sleeping and
      eating there should be some commune with the outdoors - Life is not
      lived indoors (Unless your Canadian - Oh I will hear it on that one)
      3. Small diesel power nothing over displacement speed definitely not
      planing - I like efficiency and quiet operation over speed in arrival
      etc etc etc
      4. Pleasing to the eye inside and out - Nice sheer great character
      looks like its either brand new or 60 years old cant quite tell from
      5. A nice head - This is my wifes consideration and she would place
      this at number 1 but she isn't typing - Stand up and take a shower
      sit down and take a ... NO PORTA POTTY - DLD toilet etc

      That's it and this is what I have found
      Puffin 28 - This fits us about 90% http://www.cmdboats.com/puffin.htm
      Bayside 29 close too http://www.cmdboats.com/bayside29.htm
      Black Crown 27 violates a few rules like cost
      http://www.devlinboat.com/dcbc27.htmJennifer also violates some
      OK and now for the Bolger candidates
      Bolgers Diesel cruiser cartoon study with fore and aft cabins
      A smaller power only Fuji style boat 32' in length and direct drive
      no powercat outdrive
      A stretched Alice stretched to 32-35'
      Fast Motorsailer also violates a few rules
      Plywood diesel cruiser Ch 56 BWOM

      Buehler has some great boats too such as Diesel Duck etc

      All in all I still like the Puffin since much of the cost of a power
      boat is the engine and running gear I like to keep things small and
      Regards and good luck!
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