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29807RE: Blackbird

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  • Bob Johnson
    Jul 28, 2003
      > Has anybody got any info and/or pictures/drawings of Bolger's 24' x
      > 8' "Blackbird" outboard Cruiser.I think he designed it for Ken
      > Basset of Onion Creek Boatworks who built it(I think for
      > himself).I've only seen 1 small picture of it in an old Wooden Boat
      > magazine.Its probably Cold Molded or Strip-Plank construction and I
      > think it was powered with a 50HP outboard with a top speed of around
      > 18 Knots and a reasonably economical cruising speed of about 12 Kts.
      > I'm quite interested in this design so if anyone has any info or
      > pictures I'd much appreciate seeing them

      There was a feature article on the Blackbird in the old magazine "Small
      Boat Journal".
      Sorry I don't remember which issue, and mine are still packed away from
      my last move. I do remember that the boat was inspired by and loosely
      modeled on the Sparkmans and Stephens design "Escort", a forty foot
      power boat. There is a picture of Escort and line drawings in the
      eighth edition of Kinney's _Skenes Elements of Yacht Design_.