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29800Re: A few photos of Teal

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  • Peter Lenihan
    Jul 28, 2003
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bruce Hallman" <brucehallman@y...>
      > --- David Ryan <david@c...> wrote:
      > > BBA = Boat Building Addiction
      > Addiction implies there is
      > something wrong with
      > building boats. I object
      > to that premise!

      Gee wiz,I always thought that if you could be addicted to love or
      have a lust for life then surely there would be nothing wrong if a
      fella had a BBA( which I took for Big Bad Addiction) for
      boats.Nevertheless,there are worse evils out there to corrupt both
      body and mind and if "addiction implies there is something wrong"
      then henceforth I shall refer to my boat-shop-in-the-boonies as my
      St.Lawrence Seaway Shooting Gallery.Just one fix and I'm good until
      the very next day!
      Does it ever snow or get really cold where you are Bruce? I
      mean,what's this talk of summer and winter all about :-)

      Peter"I need a fix" Lenihan
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