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29138Re: [bolger] Re: 2003 Sneakeasy modifications

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  • fountainb@switch.aust.com
    Jun 30, 2003
      David & Shirley Wallace wrote:

      > asked if the Tennessee could be fitted with lee
      > boards like some of the sail boats and would that
      > make it any better in a larger sea , well I certainly
      > have no idea , does any one here know how that would
      > effect things ?

      Leeboards and keels are required on sailboats to prevent
      lateral slip, which mostly arises as a result of the fact
      that the wind usually wants to push the boat sideways as
      well as forward. This isn't much of an issue on powerboats
      because they aren't using wind as their motive force.

      I doubt that leeboards would make the boat more seaworthy,
      in fact it might cause it to "trip" in a broaching sea.
      What they would be good for is for giving directional
      stability in a cross wind, especially when docking. I think
      that the BIG power sharpie (sorry, forget its name) has a
      centreboard for this reason.

      Bruce Fountain
      Senior Software Engineer
      Union Switch & Signal
      Perth, Western Australia
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