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28453Re: WINDERMERE,(mini progress report)

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  • Peter Lenihan
    Jun 3, 2003
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "dbaldnz" <oink@p...> wrote:
      > Good to hear you are making progess Peter.
      > A few questions....
      > what do you think you will find underneath Windermere when you
      > her?....

      Pretty much what is already there; 4 bulkheads, 2
      templates,centerboard,centerboard box and stored bits of wood.Over
      the winter months, I did have a rabit renting the place for his
      family,but all he left were little piles of rabbit shit. There is
      close to 5 foot head room under the bottom,on its jig, and I
      routinely go sit underneath whenever I need shade from the sun.

      > The place where you are building....is it an open boatyard, space
      > you rent, secure?....can't work it out.

      Boat storage yard right on the St.Lawrence Seaway,several hundred
      yards upstream from the locks. Not too secure for the rent they
      charge but impossible to find anything like it on the island of
      > which Bolger power cat design are you talking about?

      If my memory is not failing me, this is a small power catamaran that
      our Hero designed for Jim Pope. Jim brought her to the Bolger Lake
      Champlain Messabout a few years ago. Perhaps when Jim gets back home
      and reads this,he can more accurately reply with details.
      > Good luck with the flip. If I thought I could stomach maple-leaf
      > beer, I would be there.

      Thanks Don! It takes a special breed of man to admit he's not up to
      handling some powerful brew. We do have an advantage however and
      that is we start "acquiring" the taste and "developing" the
      tolerance for this brew at relatively young ages up here :-) Totally
      unfair to expect "foreigners" to stand up to it............Ha!

      > Confused as ever,
      > DonB

      You don't know confused until you've spent a night at the nuthouse.
      As a dear relative used to say," I am so confused,I don't know if I
      should shit or go blind". Weird,the folks who share your same
      genetic fabric.............

      Peter Lenihan, just about all done at the nuthouse and looking
      forward to bright blue big sunny skies today!
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