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28436WINDERMERE,(mini progress report)

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  • Peter Lenihan
    Jun 2, 2003
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      Just back from another glorious day at my all-outdoors-all-the-
      time boat shop and what a beautiful day it was!
      After laminating up the 4 layers of ply for the
      centerboard,earlier in May,I did some fairing work on it today.This
      was followed by some assembly work on one of the sides to the
      centerboard box.
      Work was briefly halted upon the arrival of Jim Pope
      (of "St.Jan the Martyr" fame and,of course,Jan herself!) who
      graciously paid a visit on their way back home. It was good to see
      Jim again since the Bolger Messabout on Lake Champlain where both
      myself and my Pesky Crew had the opportunity to go for a spin on
      Jims' Bolger power catamaran. I can still recall the smooth and
      amazing ride afforded Jims' boat as if it were yesterday!
      I showed Jim around the building site and pointed out various
      elements of WINDERMERE as they stand now.And,of course,the nasty
      business of the "bottom flip" came up. Once Jim spied a farm tractor
      with a boat trailer hooked up to her,it wasn't long before his busy
      mind was scheming up a method of flipping the bottom with the use of
      this tractor.Hmmmmm....does that mean there will be no beer party or
      beer drinkers needed for the "flip"?
      I think I'll still go for the beer party but keep the tractor
      idea as my back-up should us hail and hearty flippers become
      Anyhow,after Jim and Jan left for South of the boarder,I
      worked on tweeking the box-keel fillet pattern and just about
      completed a wee correction to an error I made at the rear with the
      outboard cutout.No big deal really,just a reverse image thing with
      the plans and my up-side down bottom.Once the roll is finished,I'll
      post pictures of all of this over in Bolger2. Another week perhaps?!
      And,speaking of flipping, I have set a date for this event. It
      will take place on the 14th of June.This is a Saturday and a full
      moon.So........all of you maniacs who would like to come and lend
      their muscle,get to bed early on the 13th,no all night howling at the
      moon, and in the mean time pray for no rain that day! High noon will
      be the official start of the flip.Afterward,the sun may be said to be
      sufficiantly past the yard arm thus cold beverage may be
      guzzelled,sipped,slurped or however you prefer.
      Just let me know if you are coming so I can have an advance
      head count/muscle measure for the task at hand.
      Peter Lenihan,eager to get the bottom flipped,despite having grown
      used to seeing it up side down for so long,from along the banks of
      the St.Lawrence..........
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