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28435Re: Oh, Bruuuce....

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  • Lincoln Ross
    Jun 2 6:12 PM
      For anyone in the Boston area who is about to buy a house, this is a
      small additional amount of money compared to the usual prices. And when
      the appraiser comes, you can be someplace else. Not to mention your
      ability (assuming they forget to remove the last aircraft) to loudly
      express your displeasure with any property tax substitutes. You can rent
      bilge space to apartment dwelling boatbuilders.

      >Bruce wrote:
      >Thanks Pep and Sue,
      >But I don't want to BUY a carrier, I want to build one! A disctiction
      >I think all on this list can understand. Anyone with a spare few
      >million can buy a surplus carrier, where's the sense of satisfaction
      >and accomplishment in that?
      >It'll be a Bolger design too, or at least a doubling of one of his
      >larger boats, Illinois perhaps. That would double out to 130' by 16
      >Getting close.
      >Bruce Hector
      >Finally getting back to work on his Seagull, fitting the stern seat
      >top today.
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