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28415Re: [bolger] Bolger's Sneakeasy

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  • craig o'donnell
    Jun 1, 2003
      >3. This is not a boat to take out in a 5 ft. chop. I'd reckon it
      >would be pretty uncomfortable in waves more 18 inches high and
      >dangerous once you got to 3 ft, possibly less. Either plan to stay
      >home when the weather is like that, or look for a completely
      >different design.

      Most - or all - boats I own are not boats for a 5 ft chop! I am sure
      the Sneakeasy could handle a 5 ft chop but you had best go very, very

      Sharpies are not unseaworthy boats, but power sharpies of this sort
      are not meant for bashing through 20-30mph winds and 5 ft chop (as in
      for example today on the Chesapeake). The windage would likely get
      you before the chop did.

      The chop issue is supposed to be addressed by the "box keel version"
      which Greg Carlson built. This boat will handle rougher ("rougher"
      being in quotes, nad not meaning 5 ft chop) waters at better speed...
      it's marginally harder to build but Greg seemed to have found it
      pretty straightforward.

      I've ridden out some 2-3 foot chop in an Oldshoe. Very wet! But I
      didn't feel like the boat was going to drown me, at least not by
      sinking. I've hit a couple 5 ft "rogue chop" waves in a Ranger 23.
      Really uncomfortable. I would not want to be out in that in anything.
      All of this nasty stuff is in the mouth of the Chester River on the
      Chesapeake where current and tide can be against a 20-some mile fetch
      out of the Northwest and a lumpy, shoaling bottom to boot.
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