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28409[bolger] Re: Bolger's Sneakeasy

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  • David Ryan
    Jun 1 8:40 AM
      >3 to 5 feet is a BIG chop.

      3 to 5 foot chop isn't just big, it's huge. Any boat, regardless of
      haul style, would have to be ENORMOUS to move at planing speeds
      through seas that short and big with any degree of comfort.

      Could you sneak a Sneakeasy through seas like that at low speed?
      Perhaps. But it's not going to be dry, easy or fun (well maybe that
      depends on your definition of fun); and the consequences of a mistake
      are not trivial.

      The easiest solution is build the Sneakeasy, either the flat or
      step-hulled version. Then you can enjoy her good looks and grace
      under pleasant conditions, and use it's high speed capacity to run
      for home at the first sign of weather closing in.



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